Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old Swatow

Suatāo gai Lạochịku
Interior that's seen better days...
Sue Ann Tay: Check out her Shanghai Street Stories

Just found a nice little photography article on old Swatow (of course nowadays is known as Shantou) or in pengim "Sua:tāo". Singaporean photographer Sue Ann Tay is known for her work on Shanghai, but also paid a visit to this "largest city" of the Diọsua: region. I've personally been to the old quarter of Sua:tāo and I thought it had a lot of character - the mix of East and West, and just a nice change of pace from typical modern architecture that you can find throughout China nowadays. The old quarter is officially know as the 汕頭老市區 (Sua:tāo Lạochị-ku) and it is unfortunately not being maintained. Tay also visits Teochew City. I can't recommend enough that overseas Teochew folks, especially young ones take a trip to China to see these places. It helps to speak good Teochew, but if you have relatives or friends who can translate you'll have a richer experience.

China Through My Lens: Exploring Shantou's vanishing treaty port architecture with Sue Anne Tay