Sunday, November 13, 2011

We are Gik-io:nang!


Small snippet of the comic, go HERE for the full thing
Found this internet manga called "Uàng si Gīk-ionāng" (We are Gik-io: People). For those who don't know, Gik-io: is a city in the Diosua: region. The comic focuses on anthropomorphized tea kettles (very Teochew!) and  is light-hearted and quite funny. I really like the art and facial expressions. The linked episode is called "Gaginang". I think there's about a dozen of them. seems like they were created for that website "" One interesting thing to note is that the whole thing is in Chinese characters and yet is in Teochew. Those Chinese readers who don't know know Teochew will probably be quite confused reading it.  For some a good percentage of words it uses Mandarin characters that approximate the sound of Teochew... for example:

- uà would normally be written 我 but is written as 瓦 in the comic. 
- măi would normally be written 勿 but is written 邁 in the comic.

I'll do a translation:

1A Jájai mài duà hiot jọi muetgiá:! / If I'd known, I wouldn't have brought so many things!
1B Mmm? / Hmm..
2B Hẹnglì kēt uà! / Give me the luggage!
2A Pāt kiot? Chàm liạo! / Oh no! Is he planning to steal stealing my stuff?

3A Nguánglại A Hia: sị hósim. Siohụ uà bua muetgiá, jọisiạ, jọisiạ!  / Turned out that you're a pretty nice guy. Helping me move my stuff, thanks a lot man!

3B Uàng lóngsị Gēk-iọ:nāng, dọ káo giā: diot siohú gagināng! / We're all Gek-io people! You have to help your own people!

3A Hia: a! Mó-ìseu, uà singdèng gại ngīng ṃ lạ hāi... / Hey man! So sorry, but I'm don't have enough to pay...

3B ...