Saturday, December 24, 2011

Protests in Diosua:

As of late there's been two major protests that made it to Western media channels...  check out this video from CNN HK/Beijing.

1) Wukan (near Sua:bhuè 汕尾) - Townspeople claim that a protest leader died of torture. Government officials claim he died of a heart attack. I'm not clear on why the original protest happened.

2) Haimen (near Dio:'iō: 潮陽) - Townspeople (30,000!) gathered to protest a current AND a new planned coal powerplant. Apparently the gov't has backed down on this second one. Go Haimen people!

I'm glad that Diosua: people are fighting against corruption and attacks on the local environment. Protest in Teochew is kàngngì 抗議。

Friday, December 9, 2011

What is so good about Teochew Food?

What's so good about Teochew food? Well I actually don't know. That's why these videos (2 parts) are great for helping to enlighten us Teochew-food-ignorants. This quick video is in Mandarin but with English subtitles. It leaves off where the other video that I posted, takes off. A nice little slice of Teochew food knowledge. What did I get from the video? Teochew food is all about subtle flavors. I haven't had some good Teochew food in months! Anyone have any suggestions (worldwide) for the best Teochew restaurants?