Monday, September 12, 2011

Mué oi!

Yes, I've been searching videos like crazy on Youku 尤酷 a Chinese internet video website. Found this hilarious video ... the guy is pretty funny, though a little old for high school! This video is about finding love in unexpected places... ha ha ha. Plus the Teochew is quite easy to understand. Enjoy this video from the artist Dio: Chiụ Tōng 張樹桐 It's from an album called "Che:-I" or "Green Shirt". He has some other videos that poke fun.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Teochew Artist: Ku Họng Ù 邱洪宇

Next Teochew artist is Ku Họng Ù 邱洪宇 (his family name might be pronounced "kiu"). This video probably has the highest production value I've ever seen from a Teochew music video (Produced by Dongo Music 東音社 - website seems out of commission) Plus, his voice is pretty damn good - it reminds me of Richie and he even looks a bit like him too. I think its great that this guy wrote a song about his momma and she's even in the video too! Schweeeeeet - Teochew people coming UP in the modern music world!

Teochew Artist: Dio: Mạng Hōng 張夢虹

*NEWS FLASH*: This just in: a singer who sings in Teochew, and the music is MODERN. Don't believe me? Take a listen. This song is called  《Chiù Kang Chiù Giā: 手牽手行》Yeah, its a bit cutesy and sounds kind of like a lot of Mandarin/Cantonese music out there, but freak man, it's modern! Apparently she is from 普寧 Pouleng (and you can tell by the way she says 汝 lèu as lù). Enjoy! I've included a direct video for her song Chiù Kang Chiù Giā:. Also here is a link to another of her songs 《Hue Mịng Ngiao 花面貓》

Teochew Cartoons

Dạigehò! I know I have been slow to post in the last couple of months, so I've decided to step it up a notch and post THREE times today - because I love you so much (but mostly because I found a bunch of awesome things). For this first one: Cartoons!

Who doesn't reminisce about Saturday morning cartoons? Let's check out some real Teochew cartoons from China! The first one is about 出花園 Chuk Hue Hēung - anTeochew coming of age ceremony for both boys and girls (like a Sweet 16, Bar mitzvah, or Quicenera). If you have never heard of it this is a perfect introduction on what it entails. The second is 柴房会外传 Chàibāng Hué Ghuạ Juang or Firewood House Story. The Teochew in both is quite understandable. Enjoy!