Sunday, October 13, 2013

MIA in 2013

Daige ho - Various things have kept me from updating this blog, but I suppose I felt a little nostalgic for Teochew things, so here is another assemblage of videos:

First two travel videos from Thailand. The first "Spirit of Asia" a 25 minute show (pretty high production value I might add!), brings us to Sua:tao where they visit a family with Teochew-Thai folks with relatives in Sua:tao. In Thai (ซัวเถา), the tao in Sua:tao seems to be pronounced with a rising tone. There are English subtitles starting around the 5 minute mark. The second is the narrator's introduction/reflection about the history of Teochews emigrating from Sua:tao to Thailand. His Thai is quite clear! (I'm learning Thai!)


From Singapore is  the YouTube use "TeochewGaginang" who for a while now has been producing some decent videos about basic Teochew. She speaks in English and teaches the fundamentals from greetings to countings, and colors and what not. This particular video is about being sick.

And lastly a video from China. It's actually taken from a radio program about Teochew phrases. Pretty cool stuff, if not hard to understand because they speak in fast Teochew radio voices. Hope everyone enjoys all these new videos.