Favorite Phrases

Here's a list of my favorite Teochew phrases. I've chosen them because they either sound interesting, have a unique/interesting meaning, or both. Tell me yours.

chùbhị 趣味 - cute, interesting
kua:uāt 寬活, 快活 - to live leisurely
iá-iọ: 野樣 - ugly
lẹngjeng 靈精 - aware, awake, cognizant
ngiágià: 雅囝 - pretty boy, pretty child
tīktō - to play, travel for leisure
họumūi 雨微 - mist
dịngdiāo 籐笤 - a bamboo stick used for disciplining children
gáogoit - rubbed off dead skin
sa:ge buà:mē: 三更半暝 - the late hours of the night


  1. May I join you in facebook please?
    I'm practicing TeoChew with my friend.. in Pontianak City.. the city of real chinese teociu people..


  2. that bamboo stick used for disciplining children, from where I come from it's dingkia...