Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vietnamese learning Teochew

Yes, two blog posts in one day! Check out this set of videos from Youtube user caohydinh of Vietnamese people in Vietnam learning very basic Teochew. Sounds like this is an organized group of mostly young people who are excited about learning Teochew (and getting in touch with their roots if they are TC). Lots of videos of them meeting up, eating, learning Teochew, etc., check them out on caohydinh's youtube acccount!


  1. They are Teochew.But because they live in Vietnam so they speak Teochew with some Vietnamese accent.

    1. Nevertheless, we should loudly applaud their initiative and fantastic enthusiasm in learning Teochew!!!

  2. My parents are of TC decent born in Bac Lieu, Vietnam. I'm born in the U.S. and speak both Viet and TC, but I forget most of my TC. I would love to relearn it.